No commissions

Selling your home is an exciting time! We have bought and sold numerous times in the last 2 years and have learnt so much along the way. After selling our first house, even though we had a wonderful agent, I felt like I could sell my own home. And guess what I was right. It was totally achievable once I knew HOW.

And was it worth it. I saved thousands selling my own home.  I love helping other people to who want to take the exciting step of selling their own homes.

I know that the system I use works and we are looking forward to taking an amazing holiday this year with our savings. If you are thinking about selling your home, please say hi and we can have a chat about you can save thousands too.

 Is it legal?

YES! All homes are listed for private sale by an authorized agent

How about contracts and conveyancing?

If you have your own conveyancer you are welcome to use them. Or we can recommend one.

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